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Safe in the land of cheese

We are here! Safe and sound.

I knew I didn't feel good, I spent part of Monday crying because I hurt so badly. And my mobility was really down because I just wasn't up to doing anything. That's not cool before a road trip. Wasn't up to packing, wasn't up to cleaning the house before the trip, wasn't even really up for going to work but I couldn't take off two days before taking off seven. I'm already worried about how far behind I'll be when I get back.

We postponed our departure a day so I could get back into the doctor's office again. Third time's the charm! It's like night and day. I'm still sick. (Her reaction this time was "wow..." which is daunting but still better than her last reaction which was something like "well, that's not good.") She put me on another round of antibiotics for which I am grateful. But my energy level is much higher now. Thursday I was able to pack, do laundry, wash dishes, vacuum - all sorts of stuff that was beyond me the day before. So "Yay!" for modern medicine. Or just for time passing and things working themselves out on their own.

We are now in Illinois stopping at a rest station in hopes of finding a map. I am now the proud owner of a gadget that plugs my laptop into my cigarette lighter to keep it charged. We are that sad. No internet yet - already feeling the withdrawal. It is really hard to do WW on the road, yesterday I did mostly okay - only went over by 2 points because I was bound and determined to have an A&W Float, darn it.

Yesterday we listened to a bunch of NPR and Berkley Groks podcasts I had burned. I love the Groks! I grok the Groks!! Based on the voice, Frank Ling has to be the biggest geek on the planet, his giggle is adorkable (stolen phrase). They are really funny with their ad lib comments to each other and the science they discuss is varied and interesting. Best is the Grokathon?? question game because the scientists they interview take it so seriously and give great scientific justifications for why canyon climbing is effervescent, Paris Hilton is amoral, future anthropologists would think cell phones "female", and our Prez is a dog person. One particularly interesting interview was with a guy who'd been studying why we still have diseases like high cholesterol or some blood disease (??hemekrometosis??) - they must have served some purpose for evolution to allow 30% of Europe to have this blood disease. Turns out it was helpful against bubonic plague. And high cholesterol helps with vitamin D so people in lower sunshine areas to get this nutrient. Now that we can treat a lot of this stuff we are no longer breeding it out of the population. Interesting theory. I think the book was called Survival of the Sickest. Anyway, this led to him talking about how bad things keep themselves around which amazed me so I want to share even though I'm going to screw this up:
Rabies - causes foaming at the mouth and aggressive behavior, so that the animal will bite and spread more rabies.
Herpes - how the kids got herpes in the first place I don't know, but I think he said they noticed sexual behaviors (I'm thinking humping a pillow in one's sleep?) in people too young to have learned them so they thought they'd been abused. But when they medicated the Herpes the behaviors stopped. So the virus actually affected the brain and led to sexual behavior in order to spread itself.
Streptocacus - affects the brain causing OCD behavior to repeatedly touch things and therefore spread itself.
Amazing, huh? Viral Brain Control - what are those brainsucker things on Futurama? We have them here and now! Were you amazed? I was amazed.

Anyways, we're listening to Feat of Clay (Pratchett) right now and I ought to be paying more attention so I guess I'll stop typing.

So the Pratchett didn't work out. The disk messed up. Instead we've been listening to old podcasts of Wait Wait Don't Tell Me and they are brilliant. I'm so glad they are podcasting them because I miss them on regular radio. I have decided that next WI trip when we go to Chicago (we will day trip to Chicago, darn it) we will have to attend a taping of Wait Wait. Of course that depends on actually going to Chicago, going on a day they are taping, getting tickets for the show, and the rest of the planets aligning - but still! So hopefully happening! My dream panel - Paula Poundstone, Moe Rocca, and Roy Blunt, Jr. I'm going to have to fake Carl Castle's voice on our answering machine.

I also hope to see the Chicago Art Institute and attend either a Cubs or a Stings or a Blackhawks game (depending on the season and my husband who hates sports).

We just ate lunch at Culvers - squeeeeee!! That is not a dieter's paradise. I know fast food isn't "healthy" but this place is awful! But it's awfully good.


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Jul. 8th, 2007 04:26 am (UTC)
Yay!! I'm glad you guys got there safe and sound!
The bards concert was awesome, but I got a lot of video for you to watch. They were adorable as ever.

Hurry back home! We miss you!
You're not allowed to go on vacation anymore! =o)

Jul. 25th, 2007 12:24 pm (UTC)
i still haven't seen the pictures or the video! bring it next time you come over!!!
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