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SYTYCD - Hey DancerByDesign!!!

Okay, i missed the first three dances - i came in on Sabra and Dom midway through their routine. But from what i saw in the phone number rundowns everyone did a fantastic job. last week i easily had four favorites. this week i do not.

Sabra & Dom - i guess i'll have to take back everything i've said about contemporary dance. i loved it. Sabra was so graceful and Dom seemed like he was right there for her. it wasn't as powerful a routine as last week's contemporary dance but it was lovely and their performance was lovely. it was so touching watching dominic being so humble and so hoping he'd pleased the judges

Faina & Cedric - i think that while i loved it, i didn't feel like they were as connected to each other as the others. still, i love any ballroom/latin style dance. i certainly have watched a lot of those pbs competition shows. i didn't notice his arms being wrong but i don't know what to look for.

Lacy and Kam - love love love. i loved last weeks better but MAN are they attractive together! and they look like they enjoy themselves. again, they didn't seem as connected as they were last week but the style of dance and the sheer speed of the dance probably precluded that. the outfits were awesome, she is brave! he may be my favorite after that gymnastic opening.

Anya & Danny - maybe my favorite of the night? not sure - to hard to choose. but that spin was amazing.

Shauna & Jimmy - how much do i love Jimmy? a lot. i hope he stays :) i loved him last week as the scarecrow, i just enjoy watching him because he enjoys it so much and puts so much energy into it.

Jesus & ?beatgirl? - WOW WOW WOW! Jesus was amazing! i loved the positioning of his body, totally a matador. and for her to never had training and never been on heels - so much wow! and i loved the choice of music. i thought it was crazy cool.

i don't want anyone to go home :(



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Jun. 21st, 2007 03:05 am (UTC)
OH LADY! Okay, I agree with your thoughts on Lacey & Kameron and Anya & Danny...and your eye for technique is improving because your evaluation of Jesus' performance in the Paso was VERY GOOD. I hate that I don't see what you see in Jimmy but I need to keep seeing him perform and maybe you'll make a believer out of me!!!! See my post girlie girl.
Jun. 23rd, 2007 02:07 am (UTC)
you always do the best reviews.

i will miss Jimmy :(
it was the fact that he always looke really happy when he danced and he always seemed to be moving A LOT. he was energetic and seemed really nice and positive.

but everyone on this season seems really nice, so it's going to be hard every week i think.
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