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graduation ceremony tonight

this was our first ceremony outside so i was nervousl!! i got crazy sweaty helping set it up, but by the time the ceremony started the sun was nearly setting and the temperature had dropped and it was quite lovely. and three of kids from my college success class were graduating!! that was really exciting.

i love working the graduation ceremony for many reasons (see the kids off, proud of their accomplishment, wish them well, air of excitement, etc.) very good reasons. but also because I get to make really stupid jokes. for example, i like to tell the kids at the beginning of the lines they get to boss the other kids in line around and sometimes I'll even give them suggestions of what to say. it makes them giggle. they are mostly kids (teens to early 20's) and it's their first college degree or their GED so they are pretty nervous and excited so they need the release. tonight i got a bunch of them to flap their arms as they left the backstage area and started to head down the hallway and outside. they were going to get squished in really tightly when they got to the seating area so i wanted to make sure they got SOME stretching and aerated themselves. so i really did have a reason for it, but it was darn funny watching them flap. I was stunned how many of them actually did it, too - even the bachelor degree people did.

but the really not-at-all funny thing that cracked a bunch of us up was that someone in the front row threw up. what?!??? i mean, really, what????? never before has that happened. thank GOD it was the front row and thank GOD we were in the outdoor amphatheatre. no one could actually see it unless you were up front. i'm guessing the speakers at the podium had a good view of the hazmat team cleaning it up, though! it was wrong to giggle.

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