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life is strange

Friday night was awesomely fun - "passion party". Which I first found a bit intimidating but it turned out to be a lot of fun and not terribly embarrassing and really interesting.

Saturday morning was a memorial service for a friend of ours sister. The past two weeks saw the loss of one friend's sister, my grandmother's boyfriend, one coworker's mother, one former coworker and dragoncon trip companion's father, another friend's grandmother, and my step father-in-law's mother. This whole year has been like this. Where I work it really seems like every week we have gotten an email announcing the passing of someone's family member.

But Saturday's service was truly beautiful. Each brother got up and said something in their own style. The youngest was very polished and beautifully articulated/delivered. He also quoted Shakespeare and Star Trek as she was a fan of both. The eldest got up and shared two extremely funny memories in a very simple and homespun way. The middle brother shared a beautiful memory of a quiet day of boating that evoked the feeling you were there exploring the marsh and listening to the herons along with them. Then he recited a Argentinian poem about losing the face of Jesus only to discover it is in each of us which he turned into losing his sister's face but being about to see it in the faces of all the people she's touched. I didn't know his sister but listening to them made me wish that i had.

That night was Captain Kronos Vampire Hunter and this week's/last week's episodes of Doctor Who with a bunch of friends.

So from passion to mourning to terror (Daleks!!) all in one weekend. Life is strange.

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