christmas happy holidays bumble

What I am not doing

I am not finishing my Christmas cards. (At least I have SOME done.)
I am not finishing wrapping gifts. (At least I have SOME done.)
I am not writing a holiday newsletter. (And I have two Christmas cards from family saying how much they are looking forward to getting my newsletter. So I REALLY need to do one.)
I am not cleaning. (And we have company coming.)
I am not organizing my Christmas to-do list. (I can see it from where I am sitting.)
I am not prepping for church tomorrow. (So there will be panic tomorrow. MASSIVE panic.)
I am not putting up the decorations. (At least I have the tree and mantle done!)

I love my Bumble on top of the tree. I love sitting here looking at all the twinkle lights in the living room.
stars in a tree

I knew I loved being called MLR

MLR - MadLadyRed

Units of measurement
Although stellar parameters can be expressed in SI units or CGS units, it is often most convenient to express mass, luminosity, and radii in solar units, based on the characteristics of the Sun:

solar mass: M☉ = 1.9891 × 1030 kg[53]
solar luminosity: L⊙ = 3.827 × 1026 W[53]
solar radius R⊙ = 6.960 × 108 m[54]
Large lengths, such as the radius of a giant star or the semi-major axis of a binary star system, are often expressed in terms of the astronomical unit —approximately equal to the mean distance between the Earth and the Sun (150 million km or 93 million miles).

April NotPossible

I just added two Kim Possible icons after reading a KP Graphic Novel that was in a drawer I'd open earlier. And for some reason I can't access the two icons even though I can SEE them. Grrr.

Also, I have a headache.
books - screw books I like tv

Murder at the ABA Quote - Writers Can't Be Fired

The first few paragraphs are more for context, the last two were what I read to my Poetry Group.

Odd! When I began writing and trying to see, editors were like demigods to me. They walked in power, and bestrode the world. Their heads were cloud-high and their voice was thunder-loud and their glance lightning-sharp. Actually, I don't know about the last. I couldn't meet the eyes of editors; I was afraid to.

They had the power of life and death, and at their lightest breath, success (or failure) wafted your way. If their lordly whims were offended by anything in the manuscript, a negligent checkoff on a form meant that a secretary would return our marital with a rejection slip. Could a god do more?

But an editor can be fired, I eventually learned. And when he is fired, he is no longer an editor, merely an item in the statistics of the unemployed.

Not so a writer. He cannot be fired. He might be rejected, he might fail, he might starve, he might be forced to keep body and soul together by taking some menial (i.e. non-writing) employment, he might be ignored by the critics and denounced by the public--but he was a writer, a failed water, an unsuccessful writer, a starving writer, a writer. No editor could change that fact.

The rest of the book was good and bad for me. I enjoyed the actual mystery and trying to solve it. I liked the format of the story (very different) and the setting. I hope that Asimov enjoys his fans, writing, and the autograph sessions as much as he claimed in the book. That idea made me happy. But most books from this generation are strong reminders of how women are used mostly as sex objects, judged on their physical appearance, treated insultingly even when the intention was to treat them well (the concept of how to treat a female character well is sometimes shameful), and are the justification for the problems needed for the story to progress. At one point the main character in the book claimed to be a feminist, but he was most certainly NOT. There was one moment where an ugly women hit on him and stroked his arm and he made a small connection to the times he did that to women (although he was attractive, not ugly) and wondered if those women felt as repulsed by him in those times as he was by her at this moment, and that's the closest he got.

But oh did I love that quote about writers. :)
dumonde looks askance

I could have sworn I had a Myrna Loy icon

Tonight we watched My Man Godfrey, and as it was ending I complained about him marrying Irene because she seemed to be the mental equivalent of a 6 year old. (I did love the movie, by the way.) Anyway it ended thirty minutes before SNL, so I announced I was going to take a quick shower (TMI). As I was standing up John asked me to bring him the remote, but I couldn't find it. I found a wrong remote and a phone then looked at him with a helpless expression. John got up and found the remote in seconds. This was not the first time that happened today, so I whined, "What's wrong with me?" He said in a sad, confused voice, "I don't know." And then it struck me - I yelled, "Oh my gosh, I AM IRENE!" He patted me on the back, so I pretended to faint. We giggled, and I pointed out he should be carrying me to the shower like they did in the movie but did not expect him to actually do it. He did. Except instead of William Powell effortlessly carrying Carole Lombard up two flights of stairs it was some terrifying Mr. Toad's Wild Ride from the dining rom to the bathroom with me clinging to him for dear life until I realized he really was going to put me in the shower, then I switched to trying to get away instead. My best protest was that I was still carrying the phone and didn't want it to get wet. So with one hand he grabbed the phone and with the other turned the shower on. Just for a second.

We were laughing hysterically the whole time. Seriously, I have the best husband ever.
dandylion - frolic in the grass

Nursing, AFC, Flowers

Emily dug up some of her lantana that was overgrowing in her yard. :) She was really excited to do so - she even potted them with egg shells and something else I forgot that is really good for plants. And she bundled them in trash bags to protect our cars when transporting them. Hooray! Now if I can only keep them alive.

I apparently impressed D, A, C, and K by showing up unasked to attend the Nursing RN information session. They were there with computers because they were asked to help out should anyone have questions about admissions after the info session. It made for a late night, but I learned a lot from the meeting and it was nice to see Dr. Walker and Kathy in their element. They had a HUGE turn out.

The AFC meeting went well! I love AFC. We still had a low turn out, but that's normal now-a-days. Maybe more reminders and bribes with food? We have to figure something out. But I think everyone is also tired from all the work-related changes at the college. Maybe bill it as a way to "get away"?

Meanwhile everything is steamrolling. I need to take some time to plot out what I need to do for the upcoming events cuz I feel like things will start falling through the cracks soon: Game Night, Conference, Basketball emails, Parade, Holiday Decorations, Registration, Degree Works, Graduation, spreadsheets, Group Advising, Christmas and all the personal stuff (company, LARF, Atl) - Argh! I should have used my BNL Where Does the Time Go icon. It's all good stuff (or at least important to me stuff) but there's just so much at one time that it's a challenge.